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Hi there:) I'm the hair-extension obsessed half of the twisted team and have been experimenting with extensions and falls for over three years now, creating fake hair fun for myself and friends.
I work with a variety of materials so keep an eye on the community to see what pops up for sale!

If you purchase a set of falls or an extension kit from us and send us a clear photograph of yourself in them to display here you will be entitled to 10% off your next purchase (this applies to miss knitting_kitten's crafty goods as well ^_^)


'Domino Dancing' wooly braid falls

These lightweight falls consist of thick yarn braids in solid black, solid white, and a mix of the two, as well as chunky textured black wool, fluffy white ribbon with an iredescant shine and plastic lacing in black, white and silver sparkle.
Perfect for monochrome lovers, these will match anything and they glow under UV lighting!

More pics of the falls:

Close up to show braided detail:

£20 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD!

'Emerald City' dread falls
These dreads are short and spikey for a punky look and are made of kanekelon synthetic fibre in black, bright green and deep green, backcombed and steam sealed by hand to ensure durability.
The 32-count falls also include black and green plastic lacing for added oomph!
Team them up with your ruby slippers and see what adventures await:)

£32 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD!

'Plum Passion' mixed falls

These deep purple, burgundy and black falls are a mixture of braids and twists with neat heat-sealed ends, no elastic bands here!
Mounted on stretchy elastic to simply tie onto your buns or pigtails, they offer a change in texture from the hairpieces you usually see:)
They have skinny ribbon accents and can be worn as a pair, or together as one big ponytail.

A closeup to show braided detail:

£28 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD

*We will happily ship overseas too - for a postage quote, email us at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk with 'FAO depechemaid' in the subject line

Comments or enquiries welcome!
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