Miss Woo (depechemaid) wrote in twisted_goods,
Miss Woo

Dread falls for sale and another happy customer:

I made these Black Magic falls for myself a while ago but still haven't got around to wearing them so I figured I may as well try and find them a new home before Xmas!

They are made up of handmade short and spikey dreads (36 per fall) with sparkly silver plastic accents and little skull beads and are mounted on strong elastic:)

£28 including postage within the UK (overseas customers, drop me an email at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk for a shipping quote)- comment if interested!

*Apologies for the picture quality BTW, rest assured, my camera does not do them justice!


And a couple more customer pics - this is Emma (who also makes and sells fab accessories, check out malice_crafts to see her work!) modelling her Emerald City falls before heading to the new Harry Potter film:)

The pieces really do come alive when worn, so we always love seeing photos of you guys in your twisted gear, keep them coming!
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