Miss Woo (depechemaid) wrote in twisted_goods,
Miss Woo

Loli-esque curly black wool falls for sale

I made these Lyndi falls this week, inspired by the Gloomcookie character of the same name:)

Made from super-chunky jet black wool with a curly, almost ringletted, appearance and mounted on strong black elastics for ease of use these are perfect for hitting your local goth club!

Despite giving full coverage, they are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear and so are equally suited to wearing from day to day when you don't have a special reason to get glammed up but just fancy some big bouncy hair :)

Tiny purple satin rosebuds adorn the falls for an unusual and lolita-ish feel and are sewn securely to the hairpieces by hand.

£18 including UK postage by recorded delivery, as always overseas customers are also welcome and anyone providing clear pics of themselves in their Twisted Trappings handcrafted goodies recieves 10% off their next purchase:)

Comments welcome!
If you want to get in touch with us directly then email twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk
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