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Edit: sold!

My Little Pony falls

These falls are my personal favourite colour combo of all time and remind me of being a little girl playing with my My Little Ponies - some things don't change much!

Made up of chunky yarn braids and twists in black, pink and two shades of purple with matching plastic lacing galore, the 30 count falls also feature skinny ribbon accents.

Mounted on strong black elastic, these shoulder-length hairpieces simply tie over your pigtails or buns for a night out and can be swiftly removed for work/college the next day if they insist on cramping your style;)

They are lightweight and comfy to wear yet give full coverage - wear them as a pair, or together as a huge single ponytail, it's up to you! The pink yarn and plastic is also UV-reactive so you can glow away to your hearts content under Club lights:)

£24 including UK postage*

Front and back views of the falls being worn behind the lj-cut, these give really nice coverage!


As always, anyone who sends a clear photo of themselves in their falls to be displayed here gets 10% off their next purchase:)

*1st Class recorded delivery - International buyers are welcome too, email me at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk for a shipping quote, marking your email 'FAO depechemaid'
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