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14th July 2006

depechemaid10:31pm: Customer pics:)
Rachel sent us these lovely pics of herself wearing her braid falls (see previous post)made by yours truly and matching knitted headband, made by knitting_kitten

(Click the pic for a closer look)

Always a lovely surprise to get nice feedback and photos:)

18th June 2006

depechemaid4:49pm: More custom work
These custom falls were posted off to rachie_kitty yesterday, along with a matching knitted headband - hope you like them Rachel, send us some pics of them being worn if you can!

They consist of brown, emerald green and baby pink braids, mounted on elastic strips with matching plastic accents - comments welcome as always:)

11th June 2006

depechemaid3:05pm: Customer pic -dread beads
A lovely (and very pink!) pic of miss Funky Rapunzels wearing Jack Skellington dread beads made by knitting_kitten

Click on the image for a closer look:)

12th May 2006

knitting_kitten5:48pm: New Dread Beads
Here are some piccies of the latest beads I've made. They all cost 90p each, including p&p and are made of varnished polymer clay.

Jack Skellington


Glow in the dark Hello Kitty

30th April 2006

depechemaid8:01pm: Recent work:
Just thought I'd post a few pics of recent work, first up are some short dreads in three shades of blue which I made for the lovely Marie as part of a fake hair swap - here she is showing them off:

another pic of the dreads by themselvesCollapse )

These flamey braid falls were a birthday present for a friend last month - made up of synthetic braids in red, yellow, black and orange with loads of matching plastic accents for texture:)

And finally, my most recent set of extensions for myself - mid-length double ended dreads in black, dark orchid, neon purple and magenta:)

Click the images for a closer look if you wish!
Comments and questions welcome as always:)

15th February 2006

knitting_kitten8:18pm: Brand New Pink Shock falls!
I've made these by taking black, magenta and silver yarns and crocheting them into chunky chains, which resemble braids close up and give a good texture. These falls are nice and full and give good coverage yet they're still lightweight. Each fall is made of 40 strands tied onto a length of half inch thick black elastic, so they're easy to attach and comfortable to wear

More pictures behind the cut:)

Read more...Collapse )

I've priced them at £16 which includes first class recorded delivery within the UK.
As always, feel free to email or post any questions or comments.
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10th February 2006

depechemaid10:13pm: Loli-esque curly black wool falls for sale
I made these Lyndi falls this week, inspired by the Gloomcookie character of the same name:)

Made from super-chunky jet black wool with a curly, almost ringletted, appearance and mounted on strong black elastics for ease of use these are perfect for hitting your local goth club!

Despite giving full coverage, they are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear and so are equally suited to wearing from day to day when you don't have a special reason to get glammed up but just fancy some big bouncy hair :)

Tiny purple satin rosebuds adorn the falls for an unusual and lolita-ish feel and are sewn securely to the hairpieces by hand.

more viewsCollapse )

£18 including UK postage by recorded delivery, as always overseas customers are also welcome and anyone providing clear pics of themselves in their Twisted Trappings handcrafted goodies recieves 10% off their next purchase:)

Comments welcome!
If you want to get in touch with us directly then email twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk

22nd January 2006

depechemaid2:03am: Show off post:)
And while I'm in an updatey mood, here's another customer pic of the ever-lovely miss Malice Doll, wearing her birthday dreads- 66 double ended dreads in black, emerald green and magenta made by me, with fab matching beads whipped together by knitting_kitten - look closely, there are black and green swirls, hello kittys and jack skellingtons in the mix!
Miss Malice made the crown and clips herself, craft goddess that she is.

If you have ideas for some custom beads or extensions then drop us an email and we'll discuss your idea:)
depechemaid2:01am: Edit: sold!
My Little Pony falls

These falls are my personal favourite colour combo of all time and remind me of being a little girl playing with my My Little Ponies - some things don't change much!

Made up of chunky yarn braids and twists in black, pink and two shades of purple with matching plastic lacing galore, the 30 count falls also feature skinny ribbon accents.

Mounted on strong black elastic, these shoulder-length hairpieces simply tie over your pigtails or buns for a night out and can be swiftly removed for work/college the next day if they insist on cramping your style;)

They are lightweight and comfy to wear yet give full coverage - wear them as a pair, or together as a huge single ponytail, it's up to you! The pink yarn and plastic is also UV-reactive so you can glow away to your hearts content under Club lights:)

£24 including UK postage*

Front and back views of the falls being worn behind the lj-cut, these give really nice coverage!
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As always, anyone who sends a clear photo of themselves in their falls to be displayed here gets 10% off their next purchase:)

*1st Class recorded delivery - International buyers are welcome too, email me at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk for a shipping quote, marking your email 'FAO depechemaid'

12th December 2005

depechemaid5:39pm: Dread falls for sale and another happy customer:
I made these Black Magic falls for myself a while ago but still haven't got around to wearing them so I figured I may as well try and find them a new home before Xmas!

They are made up of handmade short and spikey dreads (36 per fall) with sparkly silver plastic accents and little skull beads and are mounted on strong elastic:)

£28 including postage within the UK (overseas customers, drop me an email at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk for a shipping quote)- comment if interested!

*Apologies for the picture quality BTW, rest assured, my camera does not do them justice!


And a couple more customer pics - this is Emma (who also makes and sells fab accessories, check out malice_crafts to see her work!) modelling her Emerald City falls before heading to the new Harry Potter film:)

and anotherCollapse )

The pieces really do come alive when worn, so we always love seeing photos of you guys in your twisted gear, keep them coming!

6th December 2005

knitting_kitten1:46pm: Wonderful New Delights!
Here's a selection of the kitty hair beads I've been making. Some are evil, some are cute, all look fabulous threaded onto chunky hair. They're pick 'n' mix at 80p per bead, and p&p included. Glow in the dark kitty beads are also available, piccies comming soon, and I'm currently working on some 'Jack' skull beads.
-I can also custom make beads, so if you have a specific design in mind let me know.

Evil Kitties
Read more...Collapse )

Pink Bow Kiities
Read more...Collapse )

Red Bow Kitties
Read more...Collapse )

Swirl Beads
Approx 1/2" tall.
These satisfyingly chunky beads are all handmade out of marbled plastic modelling clay and are varnished to a very glossy finish. They look great threaded onto dreads and are very different from anything else around.


beads galore in lots of colours!Collapse )

Have a peek at these lovely shiny necklaces. They're made of coloured modeling clay and varnished to make them really glossy, and they're all one of a kind.
£6.50 each including p&p.

Pink and Purple Swirls
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Black and Green Slytherin
Read more...Collapse )

Candy Pink Heaven
Read more...Collapse )

Bubblegum Bracelet
Read more...Collapse )

This light and airy scarf is hand knitted in a beautiful blue yarn with an unusual varied texture. The colour varies between blue/green and blue/purple stripes that ever so subtly blend into one another - totally unique and very unusual.
£7.50 including P&P
Read more...Collapse )

I'm open to knitterly suggestions so if you have a design in mind for a knitted accessory that you simply can't live without, email me at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk and we can discuss your idea.

12th November 2005

depechemaid4:53pm: Another customer piccie:)
Here's not_waving in her kitty ear hat, crafted by Laura - keep those photos coming folks!

30th October 2005

depechemaid1:55pm: Hello folks, just a little update to let you know that we are working on new goodies including hello kitty dread beads and pink and purple hair falls - what can I say, we are girly girls!
Photos and info about these coming soon...

Also, there are still a few items available for direct sale at the moment, including knitted dreadbands - perfect for keeping your head cosy in this miserable winter weather!
Just skip back a couple of entries to see what's still up for grabs:)

And finally, a couple of gorgeous pics of happy customers wearing their hairpieces, we love pics of customers wearing our twisted crafts so much that anyone providing us with them gets a discount on their next order, so please do send us any you may have!

Clare modelling her set of short falls - these are made up of braids and twists in two shades of red:)

Zi wearing short spikey dread falls in blended shades of brown and a little blonde:)

That's all for now, have a spooktacular Halloween:)
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13th September 2005

knitting_kitten12:25pm: Furry bikini tops - to fit A/B cup.
Soft, silky and so smooth and light you forget you're wearing it. I've handknitted each of these sexy and unique little tops out of tasty fun fur yarn, making them irresistable to touch; they're great for getting noticed on a night out or during a night in.

and how they look when wornCollapse )
- £7 each (includes 1st class p&p)

Kitty ear hat - approx 22" diameter, to fit average womans head (larger ones available to order if you have big hair and need a big hat, for an extra £2)
Bring out your inner snuggly kitty cat during the frosty season with this cute handknitted little hat. Keeps you toasty warm and is adorned with kitty ears - what more could you want from a hat?

Baby kitty hat, mittens and booties comming soon - let me know if you're interested in a set for a groovy littel sprog!

Read more...Collapse )
-£6.50 (includes 1st class p&p)

Headbands - Approx 6" wide by 8" long; will stretch to fit most heads.
Wide crocheted hairband for keeping big hair under control, they look great with dreads/extensions, and are also good for wearing round your neck to keep snuggly.
Other colours coming soon! If you have a particular colour/colours in mind email me and I'll be happy to make one for you in your chosen colours.

Click to see other available colourways and how the headbands look when worn">
Read more...Collapse )
- £4.50 each (includes 1st class p&p)
Tasty cherry earrings.
You can never have too much cherry jewellry! These are handmade out of plastic modelling clay and a deliciously glossy and rather yummy.

- £3.00 a pair (includes 1st class p&p)

*All prices include 1st class recorded postage within the UK. For details of postage outside the UK, or if you have any other queries, please email twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk and mark your post 'FAO knitting_kitten'.
depechemaid12:13pm: Hi there:) I'm the hair-extension obsessed half of the twisted team and have been experimenting with extensions and falls for over three years now, creating fake hair fun for myself and friends.
I work with a variety of materials so keep an eye on the community to see what pops up for sale!

If you purchase a set of falls or an extension kit from us and send us a clear photograph of yourself in them to display here you will be entitled to 10% off your next purchase (this applies to miss knitting_kitten's crafty goods as well ^_^)


'Domino Dancing' wooly braid falls

These lightweight falls consist of thick yarn braids in solid black, solid white, and a mix of the two, as well as chunky textured black wool, fluffy white ribbon with an iredescant shine and plastic lacing in black, white and silver sparkle.
Perfect for monochrome lovers, these will match anything and they glow under UV lighting!

More pics of the falls:

Read more...Collapse )

£20 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD!

'Emerald City' dread falls
These dreads are short and spikey for a punky look and are made of kanekelon synthetic fibre in black, bright green and deep green, backcombed and steam sealed by hand to ensure durability.
The 32-count falls also include black and green plastic lacing for added oomph!
Team them up with your ruby slippers and see what adventures await:)

Read more...Collapse )

£32 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD!

'Plum Passion' mixed falls

These deep purple, burgundy and black falls are a mixture of braids and twists with neat heat-sealed ends, no elastic bands here!
Mounted on stretchy elastic to simply tie onto your buns or pigtails, they offer a change in texture from the hairpieces you usually see:)
They have skinny ribbon accents and can be worn as a pair, or together as one big ponytail.

A closeup to show braided detail:

Read more...Collapse )

£28 including UK postage (1st class recorded delivery)* SOLD

*We will happily ship overseas too - for a postage quote, email us at twisted_trappings@hotmail.co.uk with 'FAO depechemaid' in the subject line

Comments or enquiries welcome!
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